Weekly News – 23rd Week

COVID 19 update The G7 countries were interested in sharing their COVID vaccines with those in need. Few days before the annual G7 summit was held at Cornwall, England. Before that US president had announced that US will donate 500 million doses of COVID vaccines to the poor countries. Also UK’s prime minister had announced that they are willing to donate more than 100 million … Continue reading Weekly News – 23rd Week

Weekly News – 22nd Week

COVID update In many countries the COVID vaccine is off limits to young generation. The young generation in Australia is reportedly desperate for a shot. Last week a threatening outbreak in Melbourne has left many young people – without an option to be vaccinated – feeling vulnerable and let down. Since May, anyone aged over 50 has been able to get vaccinated with the AstraZeneca. … Continue reading Weekly News – 22nd Week

Weekly News – 20th Week

Abandoning Home Thousands from Venezuela have fled the country to avoid fights. The fights between Venezuelan army and rebel groups from Colombia have increased over the past month. The refugees have said that the army had pushed them from their homes. Last Tuesday a Colombian rebel group leader was killed by the army as a part of the ongoing conflict. Fires in Gaza During the … Continue reading Weekly News – 20th Week

Weekly News – 18th Week

COVID update China has been experimenting with a new vaccine against the new COVID 19 virus. The vaccine was approved by the WHO. The vaccine was developed by the Chinese company Sinopharm. It is the only vaccine to get the WHO approval made by a eastern country. It is recommending that the vaccine be administered in two doses to those aged 18 and over. Prior … Continue reading Weekly News – 18th Week

2021 April

Four months of 2021 had been passed. And it feels like that the world is still recovering from the global pandemic. But is it really? Let’s see what happened during April around the globe. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine had seemed to be increased over time. At the beginning of the month Russia had warned the NATO against sending troops to aid Ukraine. The … Continue reading 2021 April