Highest Paid Bollywood Actresses

I hope that you have read the highest paid Bollywood actors list. If you did then you should read about the top 10 highest paid Bollywood actresses as well. Here are the list. 10. Shraddha Kapoor 1 million USD 09. Anushka Sharma 1.1 million USD 08. Vidya Balan 1.1 million USD 07. Alia Bhatt 1.3 million USD 06. Sonam Kapoor 1.3 million USD 05. Katrina … Continue reading Highest Paid Bollywood Actresses

Weekly News – 24th Week

Several banks in Australia had their websites crashed due to a failure in web service company. also the banking app were out of service. ANZ, Westpac, St George, ME bank, Macquarie Bank, Allianz, and the Commonwealth Bank were among the banks that had their web sites crashed. Not only the banks few airlines services had been affected by the the crash. The web service company … Continue reading Weekly News – 24th Week

Important Dates in March

It’s the March 2021 and let’s see what are the important dates to remember this month. March 1st – Zero Discrimination Day Zero Discrimination Day is celebrated by the UN to promote equality before the law. First celebrated in 2014 this day particularly celebrated by organizations like UNAIDS that combat discrimination against the people living with HIV/AIDS. And activist in India used this day to … Continue reading Important Dates in March

List of Important Dates To Remember – February

February 2nd – World Wetlands Day Wetland is a distinct ecosystem flooded by water permanently or seasonally such as marshes, ponds, edge of a lake or low areas that are frequently flooded. In 1971 few environmentalists gathered to reaffirm the protection of wetlands but until 1991 it was not celebrated officially. February 4th – World Cancer Day In order to raise awareness of cancer and … Continue reading List of Important Dates To Remember – February

9 Things You Didn’t Know

We have seen 9 largest things. Let’s see 9 smallest things in the world. Hope you enjoy! World’s smallest inhabitant island Sitting next to the village of Alexandria bay, New York the smallest inhabitant island holds a 30,000 sq ft area. The island has a small house, a tree, few shrubs and a small beach. World’s smallest human He was Chandra Bahadur Dangi lived in … Continue reading 9 Things You Didn’t Know

Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature

Documentary film is a non fictional motion picture intend to document reality. The purpose of a documentary film varies from one to another. Mostly instruction, education or maintaining a historic record. Many film makers try to improve the society by the instruction or uncovering truth of a certain incident. There are thousands of documentaries about historical events, Public figures and as well as Hidden places … Continue reading Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature