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Top 27 Romantic Movies

Romance has no time frame so is the romantic movies.. It’s my list of romantic movies. 1. Titanic (1997) 2. Pretty Woman (1990) 3. The notebook (2004) 4. A walk To Remember (2002) 5. The Lake House (2006) 6. Letters To Juliet (2010) 7. 500 Days on Summer (2009) 8. The Proposal (2009) 9. 10 […]

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2020 April

I hope you have read the previous blogs about the events happened in the January, February and March. Let’s look at the April…. The biggest incident in April is COVID 19. The number of confirmed cases of the virus passed 1 million by the 2nd of April and for the first time asymptomatic cases were […]

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2020 March

I hope that you have read the previous posts about the incidents happened in January and February.. Let’s see the important events in march… Basically the whole march is about the COVID 19. Due to covid 19 Italy and India decided to lock down the country. By the 11th of March WHO (World Health Organization) […]

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Birthstone is gem that represent person’s period of birth according to month or zodiac sign. The origin of the birthstones dates back to the Breastplate of Aaron. In the western culture the birthstone is worn according to the month. In the early days the gem stones used as birthstones were all society based but 1912 […]

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12 Fashion Trends From 90’s

Each and every decade has its own trends. But every once in a while our favorite fashion trends from past could come to life. In this article I will show you few of the fashion trends that were popular in the 90’s and made a comeback. 1. Chokers 2. Scrunchies 3. Crop Tops 4. Platformed […]


2020 January

We all can agree that this year has been the worst in the recent history. And here is a list of events happened in January. 1.Hong Kong Protests 2.Bush fire in Australia 3.Second Libyan Civil War 4.Persian Gulf Crisis 5.Discovery of TOI 1338-b 6.Assault on Nigerian military base 7.Sultan of Oman dies at the age […]

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22 Facts You May Have Not Known About Sex and The City

1. Carrie and Mr. Big were not intended to end together 2. SJP had to wear heels for 18 hours per day while filming 3. Matthew McConaughey was not the first choice 4. They all had fake addresses 5. It was the first cable series to win the Emmy for Best Comedy Series. 6. Chris […]