The Bat Man 2022

I was always a fan of Bat man since childhood, since I liked the idea of a bat. My first bat man movie was 2005 Christopher Nolan’s Bat man starring Christian Bale. Since the trilogy I fell in love with the Bat man more I could think of. But to be honest I did not like the next bat man they casted, Ben Affleck. So I did not watch any of the movies that included Ben Affleck as batman. I could not wrap my head around at Ben Affleck being batman.

But then they announced that Robert Pattinson will be casted as bat man and I was so thrilled. And recently I had the chance to watch it amidst my busy schedule. Here are my thoughts on bat man and without any further I will get right into them

In a way Robert perfectly portraits the character of the depressed Bruce Wayne. Though the character is different than what I had in mind, his acting is superb when it comes to the part where Bruce Wayne has the spotlight. But during his part of portraying batman there are few moments that I was disappointed. Specially because of the plot where batman walking among policemen like a common man and entering a night club dressed as batman, and that is from the front door like a common visitor. I did not see the smooth criminal that I had imagined Robert Pattinson in.

The Batman I knew would never come across massive number of people like a common hero. Instead he would walk pass the crowd even before the crowd gets to him. Batman is not the person to walk into night clubs even though they operate at night. Bat man is so fast and quiet that even though he enter the night club no one would notice.

And on the other hand Bruce Wayne is one of a kind playboy billionaire. Who enjoys galas and has the ability to keep a public image of a certain type.

So there are things that I expected when I heard that new batman movie will cast Robert Pattinson. And after watching the movie I have equally satisfied and disappointed feelings.

And whenever he mutters the word “I am Vengeance” I could not help but look away in misery. These small details ruined the image of the batman I had in my mind. Because normally he would not introduce himself or reply to anyone. So I think that part is a bit weird.

But despite those little things I loved the movie. Also the music and the art direction in the movie was on point to match the whole vibe of the Gotham city, which is more and more corrupted. Plus I loved all the fighting scenes which I could not help but fall in love with the batman.

The chemistry between the cat woman and the batman was on point that we could not expect such an ending. To be honest I was bit

The whole movie was filled in nostalgia. Even the music and expressions of all of the characters support the theme quite perfectly. All of them made me love once again for the batman movie. And again with batman.

Robert Pattinson did a very good job on bat man. I would love to see him in few more batman movies before they decide to replace him with another actor. Though I a little confused in the end whether there will be a sequel or not I hope that there will be another movie with Robert Pattinson as batman.

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