Nelligala – Sri Lanka

Nelligala is a mountain located in Muruthalawa, Kandy, Sri Lanka and in 2015 the international Buddhist centre was built at the top of this mountain. I have recently visited this place and thought of sharing why any travel enthusiast must visit Nelligala.

Nelligala is a natural elevated place located in Muruthalawa, Kandy. It is located 700m (2296 ft) above the sea level. The place is located 10km west to the Kandy, (estimated 30min journey from the Kandy).

In 2015 International Buddhist Centre was opened at the top of Nelligala. Since then it has not only a mere tourist attraction but it has become one of the religious temple for people to worship.

Why should a traveller visit Nelligala?

If you are not into religious places you might miss visiting Nelligala deliberately. But you will be missing an epic view deliberately too. Although Nelligala is now popular as a temple, a tourist must visit for the breath taking 3600 view. The neighbouring mountains can be observed from this place.

Panoramic View

I was too mesmerized by the scenery that I forgot to collect the facts on the religious importance Nelligala. I visited there on the 29th January which was perfect. But some websites suggests that it is ideal to visit between February and May to get the best of the view.

Although it was almost 2 o’clock, the time we avoid in the sun here in Sri Lanka, the weather was nice up there. I could not spend time until the sunset but I believe that it must be a magical experience. Given how all the mountain ranges are situated around the Nelligala I believe that the sun rise must be breath taking too.

In the Buddhist temple you can see several monuments such as Buddha statues and a huge bowl (paathraya) and pagodas, one golden. There is also a statue of God Sumana Saman. Which is built on a stage that covers a glass handrail.

And you can see a gift from Thailand a bell to celebrate 700 years old friendship between Sri Lanka and Thailand, which people ring often with a giant hammer like equipment. Also you will be able to witness massive Buddhist flags on the side.

A token of friendship from Thailand
Statues of Lord Buddha
Statue of God Sumana Saman

Despite the fact that it is a beautiful relaxing place for you to visit it is a Buddhist temple so you must wear something that does not reveal much skin.

I believe that this article has persuaded those who did not want to visit Nelligala thinking that it was just a temple, to visit and enjoy the real beauty around it.

Massive Buddhist flags seen on the side of the entrance

Religiously there are Dhatu or sacred relics are presence in the Nelligala temple which are exhibited to the pilgrims. Also there is a significantly large Karanduwa, or a golden casket for the relics with large amount of golden jewelries can be seen. The gold jewelries are the offerings from the Buddhist pilgrims done in various occasions.

I believe that this article has persuaded enough for you to visit Nelligala on your next tour in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

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