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Matrix : Resurrections

Read about my opinion on the new Matrix movie.

Last December one of the most awaited films was released. Matrix!!. They all resurrected including our favourite duo Neo and Trinity. But was it worth watching it? Here is my opinion on Matrix : Resurrections.

After ending our all time favourite triology for years we were waiting for another movie. Because we could not satisfy with three movies with such great plot, cast and production.

Being the movie addict I am I was waiting for it right after I heard the news. And I believe that all of the matrix fans must have felt the same. But I was worried of another movie because it might destroy the original series. So I did not like the idea of a remake. As we all can agree non of those characters could be replaced. It is something impossible for me to imagine.

It was announced in the middle of the December that in the later part of the year the new Matrix movie would be released. All the Matrix fans were so happy after listening to this announcement and there was not anyone we could find that hated the original movie triology.

So we waited until the movie was released.

The new Matrix movie was directed by non other than Lana Wachowski, one of the original directors from the Matrix Triology. Since that information was confirmed I was thrilled because mostly a sequel could be disappointing if the director had changed. For an example the 2015 film Sicario was heavily praised for the directing skills but the sequel film Sicario 2 (2018) was too much disappointing. After confirming that the original directors were working the hopes for the new matrix movie were in the sky.

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Specially to see our favourite cast reunited in the new movie. After I heard the rumours that the famous couple will be in the movie I was more than thrilled.

After waiting for few days which in fact felt like months I got to watch the The Matrix : Resurrection. My initial thoughts were, WOW KEANU REEVES!!!!

But after a while I realized that I should not continue watching it. But I was hoping that at some point it might get better but NO! The movie was a complete disaster.

Throughout the movie they were trying to re-create some of the original scenes from the triology but somehow failed and then they would compare those two scenes together for some unknown reason like it would help me feel better.

I do not know why would producers agree to create something like that but I must say that they have failed on a major scale. I hope that you remember the final scene in the Matrix : Revolutions. The part where Neo had died after fighting with agent Smith. I still get goosebumps whenever I remember that part. But unfortunately the ending for the Matrix : Resurrections I could not say the same.

Have you watched the movie already? What do you think about it? Do you agree with me or do you have a different opinion? Let me know. Hope to see you again with another movie review soon.

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