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4 Remarkable Movies

Everyone has their own unforgettable movie list and here’s mine.

The film industry is a multi-million business where few hundred movies are produced each year. But we all know that we watch only a handful of them. And even among them rarely a movie that we find amazing regardless what the awarding ceremonies present. It might be related to us in some way or it might have changed our opinion in another way.

The Blind Side

The 2009 award winning movie was based on the 2006 book of the same name. The movie circles around the life of Michael Oher, whose mother was a drug addict and he has difficulty in learning. Through his life he faces many difficulties due to poverty and his skin color. The reason why this particular movie is special is that it is not just an imaginative story about bad boy turned good. It was based on a real life story of the American footballer Michael Oher. A person has already proved the things shown in the movie are possible. The plot of the movie is more decorated by the heart touching performance by Sandra Bullock which earned her the best actress awards in several awarding ceremonies. If you haven’t watched it already I highly recommend you to watch it. “Have faith in humanity

Love, Rosie

Love, Rosie is a 2014 romantic comedy starring Lilly Collins and Sam Claffin. The movie shows how bad can things go. And life is all about timing. No matter how much you wanted something or how much you think that you can achieve something you have to wait until the right time comes. And if it does not come you can create your own timing. It is a story of a clumsy teenager who had been taking bad life decisions over and over. It is a typical romantic movie yet the message it delivers has a great meaning to it. What I realized is that it is not a certain age or a year that marks ones beginning. It is when you decide that you need to change your life. “If you want to believe in something then believe in you


What would happen if you are your own biological mother and father and your own villain that you have been chasing half of your life? Predestination is an Australian sci-fi movie starring Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook, based on the 1959 fiction short story “All You Zombies”. I have watched many movies about time traveling. But Predestination has a special place in my list because that movie is not just about time traveling. What amazes me most is that the writer’s imagination that lead it into a such perfect story. I have also read the short story and the movie has not lost any part from the book. So the fans who need to read the book to know extra events you do not have to read. You can just enjoy the movie.

The transition from a feminine young woman to a man is brilliantly portrayed by Sarah Snook. And I can tell that the makeup artist has done his best in his part.


Interstellar is a 2014 Sci-Fi movie starring Matthew McConaughe as the main character Cooper who is a retired NASA pilot and engineer. It is also a time traveling movie but the part that got me most was not the science in the movie. It was the brilliant portrait of the relationship between a father and his daughter. It shows that parents go to unimaginable lengths when it comes to their children. They are capable of sacrificing themselves solely for their children without any hesitation and they suffer in silence.

During a scene Cooper (portrayed by Matthew McConaughe) cries after watching the video recordings of his daughter, in which the daughter complain he could not make it back like he promised.

He perfectly shows how a father would react when he sees his child who is thousands of light years away and probably does not look what she did few video records ago.

During the whole movie Cooper wants to come back for his daughter just like he promised and when something does not go according to his plan for some unexpectedly he gets so anxious because his journey to get back to his daughter is delayed. The science behind that movie is amazing but I realized how caring parent would react and do for their children. “What is done in love is done well – Vincent Van Gogh

Which one of these movies have made a remarkable memory in you? I believe that you have your own suggestions to this topic. If so kindly let me know because I love a good movie suggestion. ❤

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