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5 Accidental Inventions

Read about 5 inventions that scientists and inventors did not even considered of making but eventually happened.

Hello my fellow readers!!! Hope you are doing well and safe. Today I am here with a list of 9 things that we use everyday but do not know the origin or inventor of.

01. Post Its.

Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels

Post its or sticky notes are one of the most used item among many office workers and students. But inventing post its were a pure coincident. In 1968 scientist Spencer Silver was experimenting to invent a new super adhesive but accidentally he invented a reusable pressure sensitive adhesive which later used in “press and peel bookmarks”.

02. Saccharine

sweet n low is the most common brand of saccharine

In 1879 Russian scientist Constantin Fahlberg was working in the John Hopkins university tasted a sweetness in his fingers because he forgot to wash his hands. He believed that this odd flavor has a connection to the compound they have been working on which was benzoic sulfimide. Later it was produced and commercialized as the artificial sweetener. The use of saccharine was increased during the WWI due to sugar shortages. In late 60’s and 70’s it was further popularized by the dieters as a low cal sweetener.

03. Velcro

How many of you have any bag or a pair of shoes that has a piece of velcro in it. I believe almost everyone has at least one item in their house that makes that strange noise. The idea for velcro was developed by George de Mestral after a single incident happened to him. One day he and his dog Milka was went for a walk in Alps where he noticed that Burdock seeds attached to his socks and his coat. Later he developed this mechanism into a hook and loop fastener and patented under the trade name Velcro.

04. Viagra

Scientifically known as Sildenafil, viagra was initially developed as a medicine for high blood pressure and angina. But it was confirmed that the drug did not have enough effect on the above conditions but it can induce penile erections.

05. Penicillin

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Penicillin was discovered by Scottish physician Alexander Fleming who left few petri dishes with bacteria cultures to grow and later noticed that one of them having a mold in it. The bacteria did not grow where the mold was present. The bacteria cultures were made for an experiment but accidentally one of the lids were not closed properly which caused fungus to grow.

Which one of these inventions made you think about scientific inventions more?

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