Important Dates in December

You know about Christmas but what about other important dates? Read about the important dates in December.

Well my dear Facts & DIY readers it is almost the end of the year 2021. I am more than happy to bring you important dates in each months throughout this year. This article is the last of them and I will be linking them into a completely new tab so that you can find them easily.

Thank you for reading my posts about these important dates since the beginning. Here are the important dates in December, Let’s get to know them as well.

December 1st – World’s AIDS Day

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

World’s AIDS day is celebrated on the 1st of December since 1988. It is to raise awareness on the deaths caused due to HIV/AIDS pandemic. Since the discovery of first AIDS patient in 1959 there were over 36 million deaths reported world wide. Even though half a century had passed there is no certain medicine has been discovered yet that can completely cure AIDS. It is one of the eleven global public health dates recognized by the World Heath Organization.

December 2nd – International Day of abolition and Slavery / World Computer Literacy Day

December 2nd is the International Day of abolition and Slavery. It is celebrated since 1986 annually. You might think that slavery is not possible in this century but according to the ILO (International Labour Organisation) more than 40 million victims in modern slavery or forced labour due to debt or marriage and human trafficking.

Photo by Marek Levak from Pexels

December 2nd is also known as the World computer literacy day. It was launched in 2001 by Indian computer company NIIT to mark its 20th anniversary.

December 3rd – International Day of Persons with Disabilities

December 3rd is the World Day of the Handicapped or International Day of Persons with Disabilities. There are many events organized around the world to celebrate this day. The 2021 theme is “Fighting for rights in the post-COVID era.” You can read more about it here.

December 5th – International Volunteer Day / World Soil Day

Photo by Liza Summer from Pexels

December 5th is the international volunteer day. It is an annually observed event by the UN since the 1985 general assembly. The day is to promote volunteering as it helps many people around the world in many ways. There are many events organized to honor volunteers and to promote and encourage new volunteers by many non governmental organisations.

World soil day is also celebrated on the 5th December. It was adopted by the IUSS (International Union of Soil Sciences) in 2002. In 2013 the UN general assembly declared that the 5th of December as the world soil day. The date was chosen to honor the his majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej, late king of Thailand who was a main proponents of this initiative.

December 7th – International Aviation Day

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

December 7th is known as the international aviation day. It was first celebrated in 1997 after officially declared at the 1996 UN general assembly. The purpose of celebrating such a day is to recognize the importance of aviation, especially international air travel, to the social and economic development of the world.

December 9th – International Anti-corruption Day

December 9th has been declared as the international anti corruption day. It was celebrated since 2003 to raise public awareness on the anti-corruption.

December 10th – Human Rights Day

December 10th is known as the human rights day. It is celebrated annually around the world since 1948. It is one of the first achievements of the UN after its formation. On this day usually the Nobel Peace price is awarded. But in some countries the human rights day is celebrated in a different date, which is based on their own important events.

December 11th – International Mountains Day / UNICEF Day

December 11th is known as the international mountain day. It was established in the 2002 UN general assembly to encourage the sustainable development in mountains. Each year this particular day is celebrated according to a theme.

December 11th is also known as the UNICEF day. United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund or UNICEF is active since 11th December 1946 providing aid for thousands of children in need around the world. UNICEF’s activities include providing immunizations and prevention of diseases, administering treatment for children and mothers with HIV, enhancing childhood and maternal nutrition, improving sanitation, promoting education, and providing emergency relief in response to disasters.

December 18th – International Migrants Day

December 18th is known as the international migrants day. It is also a resolution adopted by the UN general assembly. This day is celebrated around the world to appreciate the contributions made by the migrants to the society and to observe the challenges they face. There are hundreds of events are organized around the world for the international migrants day.

December 20th – International Human Solidarity Day

International human solidarity day or IHSD is celebrated every year on the 20th December. It was established at the 2005 UN general assembly. The main goal is to recognize the values of poor by reducing poverty

December 25th – Christmas Day

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

Even if I did not say this everyone is aware of the fact that Christmas day is celebrated on the 25th December every year to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Once again thank you for your support that you had given me through this entire year. ❤

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