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How Beer is Made

Are you a beer lover? Or not did you know about these facts about beer? Then, Let’s read about beer!!!

Every country has their own version of alcoholic drinks. But beer has crossed all the boundaries and has become the third most popular beverage in the world, Water not included. Due to its low percentage (4%-6%) of alcohol beer has been one of the popular social drink among many age groups.

Photo by Edward Eyer from Pexels

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So let’s read about how beer is made.

History of beer

The oldest evidence of people using beer was found in modern day Israel. It is over 13,000 years old residue found in a cave, which was used in ritual feasting. Apart from that evidence of beverages made out of fermented starch were found in ancient Egypt, India and Iran. The beverage was introduced to Europe by the Germanic and Celtic tribes. At that time beer could be made out of any ingredient which had starch in it. But in 1516, the duke of Bavaria adopted the Reinheistgebot or purity law, which concluded that beer can only be made using certain ingredients. They are water, molted barley and hops.

For a long time beer making and selling was done in a domestic scale but during the industrial revolution beer making had also became industrialized. The early beer bottles were not brown. For the first time in 1912 brown colored bottles were used in packaging by the Joseph Schlitz brewing company in Wisconsin, United States. It was later adopted by other brewing companies around the world.

The Process of Beer Making

First the starch source (barley grains) is mixed with hot water, which takes about for 1-2 hours. During this process the starch is converted to sugar. This mixture is called wort. The wort is drained and separated from the remaining grains. But the grains are again washed with water to collect anymore leftover liquid that can be fermented.

Both wort and the water which used to wash the grains is mixed and boiled. During the boiling the water in the mixture evaporates leaving other components behind. Then the hops are added. The purpose of adding hops is that the bitterness it adds, which is unique to the beer along with other flavors. Also hops act as a natural preservative.

Then the wort is cooled and fermented by adding yeast. The fermentation takes place for weeks or sometimes months. It depends on the the type of yeast used and how strong the beer should be. Since the containers are stored for weeks the particles and yeast settle down to the bottom of the container leaving a clear liquid. During fermentation the sugar in the wort converts to alcohol and CO2. Most of the produced CO2 is released through a trap to maintain the pressure.

The carbonation of the beer is done along at the ending of the fermentation. Is is done by simply transferring beer into a pressure vessel or a keg. When the fermentation is done the CO2 pressure inside the container is higher than before.

Sometimes beer is put under a secondary fermentation and bottled to be sold.

Most Popular Beer Brands

Now you know the process of beer making. Let’s look at the most popular beer in the US. The results are based on YouGov list for the 3rd quarter in 2021.

01. Guinness

02. Heineken

03. Corona

04. Samuel Adams

05. Budweiser

06. Corona Light

07. Blue Moon

08. Coors

09. Stella Artois

10. Dos Equis

You can read the complete list here

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