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Highest Paid Korean Actresses

Are you a k-pop fan? Then let’s read about the top 10 highest paid Korean actresses in 2021

In a previous post you might have read about the highest paid Korean actors. In this article I will be giving you the highest paid actresses in Korea and how much they earn in a single episode. Let’s look at them.

10. Park Shin Hye – 22,700 USD per episode

09. Shin Min Ah – 27,000 USD per episode

08. Park Bo Young – 27,300 USD per episode

07. Gong Hyo Jin – 36,500 USD per episode

06. Kim Tae Hee – 37,000 USD per episode

05. Ha Ji Won – 45,000 USD per episode

04. Choi Ji Woo – 46,000 USD per episode

03. Song Hye Kyo – 54,400 USD per episode

02. Lee Young Ae – 90,700 USD per episode

01. Jun Ji Hyun – 99,900 USD per episode

Reportedly actress Jun Ji Hyun is the celebrity with highest income in 2021.

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