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New Year Traditions in 6 Countries

Read about the new year traditions in 6 countries…

New year is always a time of joy regardless the region or age. We always believe that new year is a new beginning. That is why we always have new year resolutions during this time unlike other seasons. According to the Gregorian calendar the January marks the beginning of the year. So all countries celebrate January 1st as the official new year but In different countries the new years is celebrated in different months according to their own traditions. Also when it comes to the traditions even they are different from each other. So let’s look at these new year traditions around the world. See which are you familiar with?


Japanese welcome the new year with a bowl of soba noodles. It is know as Toshikoshi soba, which translates to a “year-crossing”. There is no correct evidence when this tradition first started but the long soba noodles represent a long and healthy life.

Photo by Lisa from Pexels

Also the Buddhist temples in Japan rings their huge bells 107 times before the midnight and one more time after the midnight struck. This tradition, known as joyanokane.


Greeks celebrate their new year by eating a sweet bread called vasilopita. It is made to honor St. Basil, founder of the Greek Orthodox Church. Before eating they leave a slice for the saint and another slice for the people those who are in need and then they start eating the bread starting from the eldest. The bread is baked with a coin inserted into the dough. The one who gets the portion with the coin is believed to be the luckiest.

Photo by amin imanifar from Pexels

Also Greeks likes to smash their door with pomegranates. The fruit symbolizes fertility, life, and abundance according to the Greek mythology. They believe that the number of pomegranates seeds that scatter is equal to the amount of good luck they receive in the new year.


Just like Greek bang their doors with pomegranates the Irish people smash bread against the walls of their houses on New Year’s Eve. They believe that this action chase away the evil spirits and bad luck.

Photo by Ivan J. Long from Pexels

And young single girls sleep with a mistletoe under their pillows, which they believe that helps them to find their future husbands.


In Russia people come together and write down their wishes on a paper and burns it. Then they drink the ashes with the help of a glass of champagne.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels


Spanish people likes to eat grapes for the good luck. This tradition was started in 19th century by the Spanish wine makers but today it is followed by many. They eat 12 grapes after the clock struck midnight one per each bell sound.


Italians like to wear red underwear during the new years. The red color is associated with fertility so people who is waiting to become parents have a custom of wearing a red underwear.

Which of above is your favorite ? Let me know in the comments and wait for the part II

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