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How to Leave Your Apartment ft. Taylor Swift

Check out how Miss Americana managed to step out her apartment looking like the icon she is.

Taylor is one of the most searched artist. Her music and career had inspired thousands of people around the world. Thanks to her popularity her apartment entryway is always covered with photographers waiting for her to step out. This is how Taylor Swift stepped out of her apartment looking like the queen she is. Let’s try to grab some street style from the Miss Americana herself.

You can wear a short dress with a small had bag and a nice pair of high heels.

Or jeans with a backpack..

Try to mix and match with a neon blue pumps.

Accessorizing is important.

You can choose between a sweet head piece because you are the America’s Sweetheart

Or a beanie

You can look hot with a pair of sunglasses.

Or your favorite Starbucks cup….

Or a cat.

If it is too boring you can be extra dramatic when leaving the apartment because the queen you are.

Which style did you like the most? Comment and let me know!!!

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