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7 Common Social Media Syndromes

We all use social media sand its benefits. But did you ever wonder what harm it might be causing us?
Read about the common social media syndromes

Social media is a most common things in today’s world. Almost all who has access to the internet use at least one of these platforms. It could be their job, hobby or part of their business. Somehow social media has a huge role in today’s generation and their lives. To be honest social media is neither a bad thing nor a good thing. It is decided by what people do. But we all can agree that they can be addictive. It is a huge problem in modern day. Because of these social media there are new illnesses both mental and physical have been created. Let’s read about them and you can judge whether you have them or not.


Phubbing is when someone one ignore their family members or other loved ones because of the excessive use of the mobile phone. In 2012 an Australian agency created this word to describe the modern phenomenon that occurs when one ignore their family or friends right in front of them because they are scrolling through their phones. I think we have seen or some of us have done this at least one time. Does it affect us? Yes it does. Obviously it affects your relationship with the other party. Initially they will be heartbroken for being ignored and soon after your ability to communicate with them will be decreased and eventually be completely gone simply because you do not have practice.

Studies have shown that using your phones while sitting with another party (family or friend) makes the conversation less interesting and it also shows that the satisfaction in your marriage life will be decreased over the time.

Photo by Ott Maidre from Pexels

Facebook Depression

You might have heard about the depression but did you know that there is also Facebook depression exists. It is quite common among the young children because when they see posts and pictures that can make them feel worthless or unpopular they seem to be depressed over time. Specially such a condition affect a bit harshly to a child who has low self esteem. The symptoms among those affected have depression, anxiety, sleeping problems, low self esteem. And all these happens because of the social media. So think twice if you really bother over a Facebook post or an Instagram post.

Social Media Anxiety Disorder

Researches that have conducted regarding this matter show that social media is directly involved in anxiety in the modern day youth. Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is a situation that constantly checking out your friends and their post and trying not to miss anything that they do. FOMO is associated with lower life satisfaction and anxiety. When you engage in social media for too long the level of FOMO increases which cause anxiety to increase as well.


Nomophobia is short for no mobile phobia. The word it self describe the situation of this. The symptoms include when and individual having anxiety due to their fear of not being able to access a mobile phone. This situation could also lead to anxiety and depression. When some one is already suffering from this Nomophobia they react to places which have limited access to a mobile, such as an exam hall or conference hall. Because according to their belief, the mobile is an essential accessory.


The Cyberchondria is the unfounded escalation of concerns about common symptomology based on review of search results and literature online. Simply when you become over concerned about a certain symptom that you search online, and over the period of time you begin to develop anxiety and abnormal behavioral patterns.

Photo by Ott Maidre from Pexels

Google Effect

Google effect or digital amnesia is the tendency to forget information that can be easily found using a search engine. According to the studies, people are less likely to remember certain facts that they believe that can be found online.

Phantom Ringing Syndrome

It is the effect of feeling that your phone is vibrating but actually it isn’t. This situation has far more history than the other disorders mentioned above. The first published report on phantom ringing syndrome was found in 2003. The author debated over the new found phenomenon and soon it was found that the phenomenon is much more common among the people who use their mobiles.

These situations are all occurred directly because of the social media and other platforms. Because we spent hours on looking at something that might not even true. Also social media can decrease our human interactions towards one another. So it is up to us to not to go down that rabbit hole. I believe that this article has been a huge help for your knowledge and stay safe from your social media. The technology was developed to bring people together so whenever you are dining together with someone I hope that you would pay attention to the person in front of you than the people in your social media.

Stay Healthy!!!!

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