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Weekly News – 25th Week

Tornado in Czech

Last thursday a tornado blew off houses in Czech republic. Winds of at least 219km/h (136 mph) were recorded and the worst-hit areas were said to look like a war zone. During the storm hailstones that looked like golf balls were reported. The Czech government said that about 1000 homes are damaged due to the storm. According to reports 4 people were killed and about 100 were injured.

Against Cyber Crimes

The European Union had announced that they will be put together a unit to fight against the large scale cyber attacks. Recent attacks and ransoms in US and Ireland had increased the importance of such a unit. Last month the operator of the biggest fuel supplier in US was attacked by the hackers and forced to shutdown their network. This caused the prices to rise and even few states had to declare a state of emergency.

New Laws

Citizens in Gibraltar have voted to ease their abortion laws. Gibraltar has tightest laws when it comes to abortion. 62% voted to change the law while others voted against the idea. The voters were concerned that abortion should be legal when the pregnant woman has a dangerous mental or physical status. The country is part of the Great Britain but has tightest laws unlike other parts of the Britain. Until now if women wanted to have a legal abortion had to fly to Spain or England. The new law will be implemented within 28 days.

The Future of the Barrier

The great barrier reef near Australia is a world heritage since 1981. Recently the UNESCO had announced that the reef should be categorized under the world heritage sites that are in danger because of the damage it had over the years. But the Australian government has already objected the statement. The Australian environment minister Sussan Ley said that Australia is planning to challenge the listing. The reef is 2,300km (1,400 miles) long off Australia’s north-east coast has been faced some critical environment complications over the years.

A Good News

A new facility that would remove a large amount of CO2 from the atmosphere will be established in Scotland. The proposed plant would remove up to one million tonnes of CO2 every year, which is eual to the amount taken up by around 40 million tree.It is suggested that the extracted gas to be stored under seabed off the Scottish coast. The authorities are planning to facility to be fully operated by 2026. But there are many problems regarding the project including the site.

Another One

A new type of ancient human was discovered in Israel. The specimen found is considered more than 100,000 years old. The scientists have named the newly discovered lineage the “Nesher Ramla Homo type”. The team members think the individual descended from an earlier species that may have spread out of the region hundreds of thousands of years ago and given rise to Neanderthals in Europe and their equivalents in Asia. Among the found a piece of a skull and jaw bone is present. Also many stone tools and animal remains were found during the excavation.

Meanwhile scientists in China have discovered another ancient skull that they believe belongs to a completely different type. It was found at Harbin, north-east China, in 1933 but only recently it was specially characterized by the scientist. Nicknamed “Dragon Man”, the specimen represents a human group that lived in East Asia at least 146,000 years ago. They have assigned the specimen to a new species: Homo longi, from the Chinese word “long”, meaning dragon.

Accident in Miami

Last Thursday a building in Miami collapsed unexpectedly. The building was a apartment complex and part of the whole building that contained 55 apartments had destroyed. The cause of the incident is still unknown but reports say that the building was built in 1980 on the reclaimed wetland and a study showed that the building had been sinking 2mm per a year during the 1990s. Which may have affected the structure of the building. Overnight hundreds of rescuers used sonar cameras and specially trained dogs as they scoured the rubble for survivors. Teams were tunnelling from an underground car park below the building in an effort to reach victims. By Friday the number of missing people have risen to 159. The residents of the remaining part of the building have been evacuated.

Mystery in Canada

A massive unmarked graves of 751 were found in Canada. A local nation in Canada has reported this site which they found in a former residential school in Saskatchewan. The suspicions have increased since the graves were unmarked therefore the possibility of the site being a legal mass grave had been doubted. The residential school was operated during 1899 to 1997 by the Roman Catholic Church. It was one of more than 130 compulsory boarding schools funded by the Canadian government and run by religious authorities during the 19th and 20th centuries with the aim of gathering local youth. It is estimated that 6000 children had died while attending these schools but still no evident were collected that the grave linking to the school.

Bye bye Skype?

Microsoft had announced the official launch of Microsoft 11 operating system and apparently Skype is not on the list. The software was a part of the Microsoft operating systems after it was bought for 8.5 billion US dollars 10 years ago. But over time the number of users have dropped significantly and during the global pandemic last year Microsoft Teams app was more popular among the users. Many reporters have doubts that whether Microsoft is planning to shutdown the app completely.

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