9 things you didn't know

9 Things You Did not Know About Cotton

All of us no matter where we are, are familiar with Cotton. But did you ever wonder about the fabric that you may have used since you were little? Here I share with you 9 things that you may have not know about Cotton. Let’s read about cotton.

Photo by Teona Swift from Pexels
  1. Cotton is the most popular material when it comes to making clothes.

2. Cotton is the longest known material to make clothes.

3. About 27 million tons of cotton is produce globally.

4. The oldest found cotton dates back to 6000 BC in Peru

5. India has the largest cotton production in the world.

6. Egyptian cotton is considered the most luxury type of cotton.

7. Cotton decomposes in five months.

8. Cotton plants are grown in warm areas around the world.

9. After planting a cotton plant takes 5-6 months to produce cotton.

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