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Babel Tower

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If you are a K-drama fan, you must be familiar with Vincenzo. A 2020 romcom-crime drama starring Song Joon Ki, Jeon You Been and Ok Taec Yeon. In the television series the antagonist’s goal is to build a tower which he names “Babel“. Many of you think that it is just a name created by the producers for the tv series. But actually the Babel Tower has a very long history that runs a little bit far into the past.

The Babel is Hebrew for “Gate of God”

Babel tower is a mythical tower created to explain why people speak different languages. The tower origins in the Hebrew Bible Genesis 11:1-9. According to that it is a structure built in Shinar or old Babylonia.

According to the Hebrew bible there was a huge flood and after that there was a united human race who spoke a single language. They were migrating and eventually came down to Shinar and they decided to build their new home in the new founds land.

The citizens in the Babylonia wanted to build a mighty city and a tower so tall and unique that its peak was meant to be in the heaven. The God wanted to see the tower. When the god visited the construction site he decided to stop the construction of the tower.The workers were confused with different languages they were given and could not understand each other. Eventually the workers left and the construction of the tower was ceased.

Click here to read the original Genesis chapter 11

In the chapter the tower was not mentioned as Babel Tower at the beginning. The experts say that the tower was named as Babel not only because Babel means “Gate of God” in Hebrew, because the similarity in “Babel” and “Balal. The word Balal means “to confuse” in Hebrew. And after the God had changed people’s languages they confused and left the construction. The writer was using the word Babel to express this situation giving it the meaning “Tower of Confusion” at the same time.

By Pieter Brueghel the Elder – bAGKOdJfvfAhYQ at Google Cultural Institute, zoom level maximum, Public Domain,

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