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Weekly News – 23rd Week

COVID 19 update

The G7 countries were interested in sharing their COVID vaccines with those in need. Few days before the annual G7 summit was held at Cornwall, England. Before that US president had announced that US will donate 500 million doses of COVID vaccines to the poor countries. Also UK’s prime minister had announced that they are willing to donate more than 100 million doses. The donations will be guided through COVAX. It was created in last year to make sure that vaccines to be available in every country, Not just on rich countries. The initial goal of the programm was to provide two billion doses of vaccines worldwide in 2021, and 1.8 billion doses to 92 poorer countries by early 2022. Covax is run by foe international organizations including WHO.

During the last two months India had made headlines as it passed the most COVID deaths during 24hrs. Which made Indian citizens to close their businesses and lock them in their homes. The cases got worse as a new variant of the virus was discovered within the country. Yet the threat was not passed away but the streets in some cities in India have been started to open again. India reported about 101,000 new infections on Monday and more than 2,400 deaths – far lower than the nearly 400,000 daily cases it was recording about a month ago. It has registered some 28 million cases and 349,000 deaths so far, but experts say the actual toll is far higher. Also the prime minister Narendra Singh Modi has announced that the adults in India will be vaccinated for free despite their social status.

Due to the global pandemic many traveling restrictions were raised and after being suspended for more than a year the luxury cruise ship, Celebrity Millennium was started to set sail. But two people on board were tested positive for COVID 19 virus. The Celebrity Millennium is a week-long trip from St Maarten with additional stops in Aruba, Barbados and Curacao. Cruising is a global industry that, before the pandemic, was worth $150bn (£106bn) and supported about 1.2 million jobs.

The postponed tournament Copa America will be started on Sunday in Brazil. Teams face mandatory testing every 48 hours. Their movements will be restricted and they will travel to host cities aboard chartered flights. The tournament, postponed from 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic, was originally to have been staged in Colombia and Argentina.

Back to Life

A fisherman in US was almost swallowed by a humpback whale. Michael Packard, a 56 years old fisherman who actually catches lobsters for living was captured by a humpback whale. Mr. Packard said that he was in the whale’s mouth for about 30 seconds. First he thought that he was attacked by a shark but after few seconds he realized that the fish did not have any teeth. After a while the whale had spit him into the outside. Mr. Packard was not severely injured and in good health. Humpback whales can grow to as long as 50ft (15m) and weigh about 36 tons. According to the World Wildlife Fund, about 60,000 whales are in the world.

Palestine Killings

Two Palestinian intelligence officers were killed by Israeli special forces during a raid. According to Israeli media Israel forces officers had entered to Jenin, Palestine to arrest two Palestinian suspected of the last month’s attacks. After Palestinian officers have realized about the raid, they had shot Israel forces. During these fires two of the Palestinian officers were killed and one of them was identified as a suspect.

Also a Palestinian teenager was hot dead by Israeli soldiers. Mohammed Hamayel, 15, died in clashes as Palestinians protested against the building of an illegal Jewish settlement near the city of Nablus.

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