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Iron Dome

Last week Israel was attacked by Hamas revolutionists using rockets. Reports said that their were more than 1000 rockets were fired but the damage caused from the attack is very minimal. All because of the Israel had their one of a kind defense system. Once again Israel had proved that they are second to non and soon Israel became the center of attraction around the globe because of Iron Dome. What is this Iron Dome?

Iron Dome is one of Israel’s defense systems. It was specially designed for the unexpected attacks such as last week’s. Since 1990s Israel had a vision about their own antimissile system because of the attacks they had during that period. But with the time the idea was faded because even the US military specialists have stated that the idea is not possible to make into a reality. Then again in 2004 once again the idea of having such defense system was highlighted. In 2006 during Lebanon-Israel war or the second Lebanon war Hezbollah had fired over 4000 rockets into Israel. Most of them were short range Katyusha rockets. This attack caused thousands of deaths and massive evacuations within Israel.

Israel had realized the importance of their concept. In 2007 the project of developing the anti-missile system was handed over to the RAFAEL advance defense systems. The company had developed the system with the help of Israel defense forces. The project costed $210 million and the first system was operated since 2011. It has been 10 years since then and now the Israel has 10 systems built around the country each with three to four launchers that can fire 20 interceptor missiles.

Iron Dome operates 24 hrs and it can respond to multiple threats even under adverse weather conditions.

Why is the Iron Dome Different From Other Anti-Missile Systems?

A Typical Anti-Missile system has radar unit, missile control unit, and several launchers and all of them are located in the same spot. But the launchers in Iron Dome is operated remotely using a wireless connection. Also each launcher has 20 interceptors and able to operate independently. Each unit is capable of protecting an area of 150 km2.

How Does Iron Dome Work?

Mainly the whole process can be divided into 3 steps. When the enemy fires rockets,

  1. The RADAR system detects the fired rocket and tracks the rockets path.
  2. Next the control system estimates a point of impact using the data given by the RADAR.
  3. The launcher fires a missile to intercept

Iron Dome is not 100% effective but the damage caused by the rockets was extremely little because of it. The interesting part is that the attack had happened during an unexpected time and the response to it was completely automatic. If they did not have the defense system then the damage could be devastating. With their innovative thinking Israel once again proved themselves to the world.

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