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Weekly News – 20th Week

Abandoning Home

Thousands from Venezuela have fled the country to avoid fights. The fights between Venezuelan army and rebel groups from Colombia have increased over the past month. The refugees have said that the army had pushed them from their homes. Last Tuesday a Colombian rebel group leader was killed by the army as a part of the ongoing conflict.

Fires in Gaza

During the past week Gaza was attacked several times and more than 200 people were killed. So was the Israel and killed 13-15 people. The Israeli army said that there were more than 4000 rockets were fired and more than 90% of them were destroyed by the Israel’s defense system “Iron Dome”. The schools are planning to reopen in Sunday and people have started to emerge form the bomb shelters. The housing ministry in Gaza have said that they have destroyed about 1000 housing units and about 1800 housing units are not in suitable conditions for the living because of the attacks. And the organizations are bringing in the medicine, water and food into the affected area in Gaza.

Indian Variant

Indian officials have ordered the social media platforms to remove any content that has “Indian Variant” in their posts. Even though this statement was not made public. Usually the country’s name had been used to identify the new variants once they were identified. Indian government has been criticized by people for the poor handling of the situation. The variant has been named as B.1.617 by the UN.

Closer to Death

A new study suggests that the critically ill COVID patients in Africa are more likely to die. The study also shows that the main reason is that the lack of necessary equipment and staff. Nearly half of the patients in the intensive care dies in the African hospitals. Even though the mortality rate of the hospitalized patients are higher the region shows less number of COVID deaths according to the sources.


Spain has decided to end the travel restrictions for UK and Japanese travelers. They will not need a PCR test. But people from UK have to quarantine for two weeks.

Amazing Amazon

The Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado have spent 6 months taking photographs for his new book. And they are amazing as ever. You can see them here.

On the Mars

The Chinese rover has taken its first drive on the Mars. The rover was landed about a week ago. And this step makes China the second country to operate a machine on the Mars after US. The robot is to study the surface rocks and atmosphere. It will also look for signs of life, including any subsurface water or ice. The rover was designed to work for 92 earth days. The robot is solar powered and weigh about 240kg (530lb) and named after a Chinese mythical fire god. Let’s see what news the fire god has to give us.

Poison in Water

Unlike many countries in middle east Lebanon is blessed with fresh water. But the water there is so toxic that people are not able to use them. People have been avoiding the tap water as they feel a burning sensation right after washing their face using the tap water. So people have to use bottled water for many purposes. Which causes a huge hole in their wallets as well.

The Newest Record

The Japanese drill ship has set a new record as it drilled 8km. The drilling ship was part of a research team that was searching for answers for the earthquakes. The chosen core site in the Japan Trench is very close to the epicentre of the Magnitude 9.1, Tohoku-oki event in 2011, which also produced a tsunami that devastated communities on the nation’s eastern seaboard, and knocked out the Fukushima nuclear plant. The sediment retrieved was 37m long and scientists hope that it might hold information on much older earthquakes as well. The previous record was 7km long and was set in 1978 in the Mariana trench.

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