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2021 April

Four months of 2021 had been passed. And it feels like that the world is still recovering from the global pandemic. But is it really? Let’s see what happened during April around the globe.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine had seemed to be increased over time. At the beginning of the month Russia had warned the NATO against sending troops to aid Ukraine. The conflicts began in the 2014. On 13 April Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu accused Nato of “threatening” actions and said Russia had responded by sending two armies and three formations of airborne troops to its western borders, to conduct exercises. He gave no detailed figures or locations.

The conflicts between Iran and Israel is a main topic in the recent history. And last month Iran accused Israel after an explosion destroyed the internal power system of the Natanz nuclear plant. Natanz is a hardened Fuel Enrichment Plant (FEP) covering 100,000 square meters that is built 8 meters underground and protected by a concrete wall 2.5 meters thick, itself protected by another concrete wall. It is located near Natanz, the capital city of Natanz County, Isfahan Province, Iran. On 2 July 2020, an explosion hit a centrifuge assembly facility near the city of Natanz. Three quarters of the above-ground parts of the facility where advanced centrifuges were being assembled were damaged. Iran admitted serious damage to its facility while Western analysts said the explosion had set back the Iranian nuclear program one to two years. The same day, a US-based source reported that a group calling itself the “Homeland Panthers” claimed responsibility for the explosion at the Natanz nuclear enrichment facility. The New York Times claimed that a source which it identified as a “Middle Eastern intelligence official with knowledge of the episode” told the newspaper that Israel was responsible for the attack, and that a powerful bomb had been used.

World earth day was celebrated on 22nd of April by the world leaders by hosting a virtual ceremony due to the pandemic.

Cyclone Seroja hit on the 4th of April by killing 42 people in Timor and 167 people in Indonesia.

Ingenuity a small robot helicopter made its first flight over Mars. Ingenuity was sent to mars along with the NASA’s 2020 Mars mission Perseverance. It is the first powered flight on another planet in history of mankind.

Japan had approved of dumping the radioactive water of the Fukushima nuclear plant to the Pacific Ocean over a period of 30 years. The International Atomic Energy Agency have agreed to support this while China, South Korea and Taiwan had opposed this decision. The nuclear plant was damaged at the 2011 earthquake. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster is considered as the largest nuclear accident since the Chernobyl disaster 1986. Since the earthquake in 2011 the biggest threat was caesium leaking to the ocean. The main source of the radioactive materials leakage was the ground water. The caesium was naturally absorbed by the soil but strontium and tritium was not. Until 2013 Japan had denied about the leakage.

On 5 April 2011, the operator of the nuclear plant, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), discharged 11,500 tons of untreated water into the Pacific Ocean in order to free up storage space for water that is even more radioactive. The untreated water was the least radioactive contaminated among the stored water, but still 100 times the legal limit. In May 2011, another 300,000 tons of untreated radioactive water were dumped to free water tanks. As of March 2021, 1061 tanks are filled with 1.25 million tons waste water and by the 2022 they will run out of the land for tanks


The Johnson & Johnson vaccine developed by Janssen vaccines was paused over causing blood clots. Given the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a single dose and has a lower cost, it was expected that it would be more suitable for the low and middle-income countries. With lower costs and lower requirements of storage and distribution in comparison to the COVID-19 vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine could be more easily transported, stored, and administered. South African health minister Zweli Mkhize announced on February 2021 that the country would sell or swap its one million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine. Once it did so, South Africa began vaccination using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on 17 February 2021.

On 13 April 2021, the CDC and the FDA issued a joint statement recommending that use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine be suspended, due to reports of six cases of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis—a “rare and severe” blood clot—in combination with low levels of blood platelets (thrombocytopenia), in six women between the ages of 18 and 48 who had received the vaccine. The symptoms occurred 6–13 days after they had received the vaccination, and it was reported that one woman had died and a second woman had been hospitalized in critical condition. But on 23 April, the FDA and the CDC determined that the recommended pause regarding the use of the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) COVID-19 Vaccine in the U.S. should be lifted and use of the vaccine should resume. The EUA and the fact sheets were updated to reflect the risks of thrombosis-thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS).

Despite all the developments the death toll passed 3 million worldwide. India had become the newest country with the biggest confirmed cases of COVID patients. India reported 315,000 cases which is the highest confirmed cases within 24 hrs of COVID patients up to date. By the end of the month the confirmed cases of COVID 19 passed 150 million worldwide. Also the number of vaccine administrations around the world passed 1 billion.

Even though there is a global pandemic several countries had held their general elections during this month. Among them are Bulgaria, Peru and Albania.

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