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Weekly Trending News – 16th Week

CO2 Emission in 2021

The reports from IEA (International Energy Agency) says that they are predicting a major increase in CO2 levels. The total emission for 2021 will be lower than 2019 before the pandemic. But even still this year’s CO2 emission will be recorded as the second largest in the history. Due to the pandemic the carbon emission had decreased by 6%. But as the world is recovering the energy demand has risen dramatically. Specially in developing countries.

O2 shortage in India

During the last week COVID patients count in India was increased in high rates. So was the death rate. Which made hospitals full of patients and a shortage of supply, Specially oxygen. As COVID patients need more oxygen the hospitals in Delhi have run out of their Oxygen supplies. Due to this situation some hospitals have stopped admitting new patients as people gather near hospitals trying to admit their loved ones who are suffering from the virus. Which was a heartbreaking news. BBC reported that about 16 million confirmed cases of COVID 19 by the last Thursday. And on Thursday India made a record of most confirmed cases of COVID 19 during a single day. Authorities say that the rapid increase of COVID 19 was happened due to the hindu festival Kumbh Mela which attracted thousands of citizens around the country.

Flying over Mars

NASA had sent Ingenuity, a small robotic helicopter along with the Mars 2020 mission Perseverance. It had been able to make its third successful flight over Mars during the last week. The first flight was set on last Monday and the second one was on Thursday. Ingenuity has made history as its the first powered, controlled flight by an aircraft had been conducted on another world.

Social Media Boycott

Three major clubs in UK will be joining a social media boycott in order to fight against abuse and discrimination. The clubs that had decided to join will be Premier League, English Football League and Women’s Super League. The boycott starts on the 30th April and will last for 4 days.

Chernobyl Update

Chernobyl disaster or the explosion on Chernobyl nuclear reactor in 1986 was one of the worst nuclear disasters in the history. Up to date the area is abandoned due to radiation. Thousands of people were removed from the city limits creating a ghost town. A new research done on the children and their parents who were faced the disaster shows that there is no additional DNA damage in children. These children were all conceived after the explosion between 1987 and 2002. This is according to the first study to screen the genes of children whose parents were enlisted to help in the clean-up after the nuclear accident. The study found no mutations that were associated with a parent’s exposure.

Facebook to Other platforms

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the current world. And the company is always finding new ways to enhance their user’s experiences. Now facebook will allow their users to transfer their notes to other platforms such as Google docs, WordPress and Blogger.

Acceptance of Crimes

US president Joe Biden had became the first US president to acknowledge that killings of more than a million Armenians by Ottoman Turks as a genocide. This incident is old more than a century. And this statement can affect the relationship between the Turkey and US. The former US presidents have not stated this incident as a genocide. Cher, who is an Armenian-American singer and television personality had already responded to this statement.

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