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Weekly Trending – 14th Week

It has been 14 weeks after 2021. Let’s see the world news briefly during the past week.

Prince Philip died at the age of 99. The prince was married to her highness queen Elisabeth II and had known as the longest-serving royal consort in British history. The duke of Edinburgh was admitted to King Edward VII’s hospital in central London on 16 February after feeling unwell, and later had a successful procedure for a pre-existing heart condition at another London hospital, St Bartholomew’s. The reason for his initial admission was never revealed but palace officials said it was not related to coronavirus. The ceremonial royal funeral will be held at St George’s Chapel, in the grounds of Windsor Castle, at 15:00 BST on Saturday, 17 April. The event will be televised.

Alibaba, the Chinese tech company had accepted a 2 billion penalty imposed by the country’s anti-monopoly regulator, after a probe had determined that the company had abused its position in the market for years.

Not only the death of prince Philip is the shocking news this week. The rap lovers around the world had another heartbreaking news as the American rapper and songwriter DMX had died at the age of 50. According to the reports he had died of drug overdose. On April 2nd he was admitted to the hospital due to a heart attack caused by drug overdose. He was on life support for the next few days and was in a coma lung and brain failure and no current brain activity. And on the 9th of April Earl Simmons waw pronounced dead.

Due to the global pandemic the environment is feeling energized. Therefore the marine scientist around the world are enjoying a unique moment of quiet as they state created by the pandemic. The researchers have called their vast listening experiment: The year of the quiet ocean. Professor Peter Tyack from the University of St Andrews said “Lockdown slowed global shipping on a scale that would otherwise be impossible,”.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un warns about a crisis which is similar to the famine during the 1990s that killed thousands. The country’s main supplier is China and due to the pandemic the North Korean borders remains shut. During the famine in 90s the total number of North Koreans who starved to death is not known, but estimates range up to 3 million. Reports of hardship appear to be coming especially from towns near the Chinese border, where smuggling would have been a huge earner for many. “There is barely any food going into the country from China”. “There are so many more beggars, some people died from hunger in the border area, and there’s no soap, toothpaste, or batteries,” said the Lina Yoon, A researcher from Human Rights Watch (HRW).

Pinterest has announced its first-ever Creator Fund, which will allocate money to support creators on the platform, while it’s also launching a new ‘Creator Code’ initiative, which aims to encourage positive interaction on the platform.

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