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Weekly Trending News – 13th Week

The Results of WHO-China COVID investigation

The BBC reported that the results of the investigation held by the WHO in association with the Chinese government say about four conclusions but non of them are definitive. The report said that the WHO team could not get a clear picture of the origin of the virus before it became a global pandemic. Due to lack of access of blood samples and lab reports before the December 2019 the team was not able to come to understand the origin of the virus.

Easter and COVID in Europe

The eastern Europe was able to decrease the death toll during the past few months but the situation was changed rapidly when the death toll increased dramatically over the past few weeks. The reporters in Poland reported that the infections rate is 60 times higher than the start of the pandemic last year. And Hungary has one of the highest mortality rates in the world due to the COVID 19 virus. These incidents ruined the celebrations of Easter this year.

Urinate in the bottles

The Amazon had accepted that the drivers are forced to urinate in the water bottles. Last week Mark Pocan, a democrat from Wisconsin, US tweeted that Amazon drivers urinate in the bottles but Amazon denied the accusations in a reply tweet. And the evidence had emerged that drivers do urinate in plastic bottles as they do not have enough time to do their business in peace. After that Amazon had apologized to the politician for falsely denying the truth.


The US rapper was hospitalized on last Friday due to a heart attack. The rapper had spent several years in rehab but his lawyer had nor revealed that he does not know yet whether the heart attack was brought on because of a drug overdose. He is 50 years old and father of a 15 years old. DMX has previously served in jail for animal cruelty, reckless driving, drug possession and weapons possession. And he had played one of his songs to the judge when he was at the hearing in the court for tax fraud.

New Step for Facebook

The US social media company had got the approval for the payments using whatsapp within Brazil. Facebook initially announced the launch of Whatsapp payment system in June 2020 but a week later the launch was shutdown due to the concerns of the Brazilian regulators over the payment system. After 9 months finally Facebook had gained the approval for the Whatsapp payment.

The Rise of the Tiktok

Despite various challenges social media app remain as the most downloaded app in the first quarter of 2021. The TikTok app was banned in several countries.

The New House of Mummies

The mummified bodies of 22 ancient Egyptian rulers were transported to the new establishment in a breathtaking parade. The trucks used for the transportation were custom made with special shock absorbers. And the mummies were placed inside a nitrogen filled casket. The road was repaved recently just for the transportation. The Egyptian government believes the new museum will increase the tourism in Egypt. See the parade here

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