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Weekly Trending – 10th Week

Apple has started assembling of iphone 12 in India.

The Indian unit of Apple’s Taiwanese contract manufacturer Foxconn will assemble the device in its plant in Tamil Nadu, two sources familiar with the matter said. Since the cold war between China and US the Apple Inc had removed some of its productions from the China and according to Reuters the company is planning to move assembling of ipad to India as well.

Denmark, Norway and Iceland had suspended using the new COVID Vaccine AstraZeneca.

Since there been reports of blood clots after the vaccination Denmark was the first to report the suspension of the vaccine. About 900 cases of blood coagulation are reported among more than 3 million vaccinated population. The vaccine was developed by the AstraZeneca pharmaceutical company along with the Oxford university in 2020.

A huge “flash rip” was spotted

A huge “flash rip” was caught by photographer Dene Bingham. A rip current is a strong localized and narrow current of water which moves directly away from the shore. The photo of this current shows how big it was and how scary an magnificent the nature can be.

Watch video here

Grasses are in danger

Not our typical grass,the underwater seagrass. Experts say that the underwater meadows of Posidonia seagrass that surround the Balearic Islands are in danger due to global warming. A hectare of this ancient, delicate plant can soak up 15 times more carbon dioxide every year than a similar sized piece of the Amazon rain forest. Posidonia oceanica can be found all over the Mediterranean but the area between Mallorca and Formentera is of special interest, having been designated a world heritage site by Unesco over 20 years ago, which has 55,000 hectares of the plant, that helps prevent coastal erosion, acts as a nursery for fish, but also plays a globally significant role in soaking up CO2.

Etna Eruption

Etna has been erupting at the beginning of this month showering the nearby cities in ashes. Experts agree the volcano is merely repeating previous patterns of behavior. But they also admit that the power released is greater than before. volcanologist Boris Behncke said that “Now every paroxysm is strong. Nonetheless, at the moment Etna is deflating, there is no more magma coming and its system is stable”.

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