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Makeup Trends in last Century


Women would wear less make up as commonly the sex workers and associates were popular to wear make up. So the women tried to keep their make up as a secret to avoid unwanted attention. Women would wear a pale face and slight blush on the cheeks


Make up was mostly used in the theaters or by prostitutes so not many women wanted to be seen wearing makeup.


Makeup trend was changed in this era as women started wearing noticeable makeup. Women wanted to recreate their favorite silver screen actresses. Deep red lip and dark smokey eyes were in trend.


The actresses started a new trend with eyebrows that looked like a thin line drawn on the face. The look was completed with pastel eye shadows, dark pink lipsticks and blush.


Due to world war II and the excess makeup looked inappropriate. So women went back to barefaced with light brown eye shadow and little mascara. Since the pin up girls were popular the bright red lipsticks gained attention too.


With the end of WWII and rising silver screen actresses the winged eye liner and bright red lips were in trending. And instead of powder foundation creamy textured foundations were popular.


This decade was all about the eye lashes. The bold lashes were popular during 1960s with the help of heavy mascara and fake eye lashes. Bright color eye shadow and a thick liner completed the look.


With the rise of hippie culture the trend in this decade was to look natural. Some used a thin layer of mascara with light eye shadow.


Make up came back with a blast during this decade. People began experimenting with the colours without a gender gap. Bright unusual colour eye shadows were worn with bright red blush.


The 90s makeup was more minimal compared to the 80s. Neutral eye shadow and blush were in trend. Also nude lipsticks were preferred.


The new millennium is always changing when it comes to make up. In the late 2010 the fully grown eyebrows were in style. The thicker it was the better. Rising popularity of the celebrities such as Kim Kardashian made contouring famous. Heavy makeup is used often. Online beauty gurus made various regional looks famous through out the worldwide.

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