9 things you didn't know facts

9 Things You Didn’t Know

Everybody has their own traditions and rules which can be different from one another. The British royal family has their own customs and rules to follow. Here are 9 things you did not know about the Royals.

  1. Every Wedding bouquet Should Include Myrtle

Myrtle was first used for the wedding by the queen Victoria as the former queen was given Myrtle as a symbol of good fortune. Since then it has been a tradition for the bride to carry myrtle in her wedding bouquet

2. Tiaras are worn by only the married woman

Ladies in the royal family must wear a hat to all formal occasions but if the occasion is held after 6 pm then they must change their hats into tiaras. But not everyone gets to wear a tiara. The lady must be married in order to wear a tiara.

3. Prince Philip should always walk few steps behind the queen

In every occasion whenever the queen and the prince Philip is attending it is customary for the prince to walk behind the queen. Up to date this custom is unbroken.

4. Everybody has a strict dress code even prince George.

When you are from the royal family you just cannot wear anything you prefer. All the members in the family must obey this rule. The members of the royal family must follow this rule even when they are participating in informal events too. So you will never get to see them in comfy outerwear. Simple elegant look is always preferred. Even the prince George has to wear shorts until he turns 8 years old.

5. The queen always wear gloves

This tradition has more depth to it other than simple outfit. The queen has to shake hand with many people in an occasion. Which cause various germs to spread out that can harm the queen’s health. So she can be seen always her hands covered with a pair of gloves.

6. The members of the royal family are not allowed to sign autographs or take selfies

The royal family members a have to go to public gatherings more often. They always treat the public with a warm heart but they are not to sign any autographs. Because their sign can be forged into a false document. Also they do not take selfies. Mainly because of the queen finds the trend a bit strange.

7. Two heirs don’t travel together.

You will never see prince Charles or prince William together in an airplane. Because if something bad were to happen the royal family would lose both heirs at once. Though this rule was broken few times when prince William and prince George traveling once the prince George turns 12 they will be separated when traveling.

8. The royal family members are not allowed to show public affection

The queen has forbidden the royal family members form displaying public affection. That is why there are less pictures of the couples holding hands whenever they are in public. Not only the royal couples but PDA is prohibited between parents and children. But the late princess Diana broke this rule many times.

9. The royal family members cannot have political views

Queen is considered as the head of the government. She is not elected by a political party. So she has to be politically neutral. Not only the queen but others in the royal family has to follow this rule. They are not allowed to speak in favor of any political party or a person.

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