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Weekly Trending – 5th week

This is the 5th week of the year and let’s see what happened around the globe.

Myanmar Coup

Myanmar coup began in the morning of February 1 after deposing the democratically elected member of the ruling party by the Myanmar military Tatmadaw. The Tatmadaw declared a year long state of emergency. Right now the internet is cut within the country as thousands joined in the rally against the Monday’s coup.

Tanzania Rejects COVID 19 Vaccine

For months Tanzania claimed that the country is free from the virus and they are rejecting the new vaccines. There are little testing and no plans for a vaccination program. But there are reports of deaths that are suspected as COVID 19 deaths but the locals chose not to speak in fear of the government.

Lockheed Martin signs a pact with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. To strengthen the relationship with the Indian industry and hoping to explore the potential industrial aerospace sector in India, said Lockheed Martin.

Snapchat released a post about 62% increase in revenue for the 4th quarter in 2020. While Pinterest released their stats for the 4th quarter as it reached 459 million users.

Facebook will soon allow Instagram users to share their Instagram Reel videos to Facebook. Facebook has been in search of ways to keep users after Tik Tok hit the market. Last year Instagram introduced its new feature Reel to the users. Since the ban of Tik Tok the company decided to promote Instagram Reel to lure the former Tik Tok users into their community.

Christopher Plummer died at the age of 91, at his home in Connecticut with his wife Elaine Taylor by his side. The Academy Award winning actor rose to fame after acting as Georg Von Trapp in the film “Sound of Music”.

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