2021 January

List of events happened in January 2021

Most of us are still in our homes due to quarantine. But we all hope for a better world. So I wish you a happy new year and Let’s see how the 2021 has been so far. Here is the list of events happened in January 2021.

The African Continental Free Trade Area was launched at the beginning of the year. It was a concept founded in 2018 by 54 African countries.

Supporters of the Donald Trump stormed the US capitol forcing the congress to evacuate. Due to this incident the former US president Donald Trump became the first US president to be impeached twice.

The boarder between Qatar and Saudi Arabia was re-opened after 3 years. The boarder was closed in 2017 after Qatar was accused of supporting Islamist groups.

Joe Biden inaugurated as the 46th president of the US.

Hong Kong police arrested 50 activists regarding the 2019-20 Hong Kong protests.

Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of the North Korea was elected as the secretary general of the ruling Worker’s Party of Korea.

Poland declared that the termination of pregnancy due to fetal defects is unconstitutional.

At the end of the month the confirmed cases of COVID 19 passed 100 million worldwide. And the global death toll passed 2 million.

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