9 Things You Didn’t Know

We have seen 9 largest things. Let’s see 9 smallest things in the world. Hope you enjoy!

World’s smallest inhabitant island

Sitting next to the village of Alexandria bay, New York the smallest inhabitant island holds a 30,000 sq ft area. The island has a small house, a tree, few shrubs and a small beach.

World’s smallest human

He was Chandra Bahadur Dangi lived in Nepal. According to Guinness World Record he was the shortest adult human ever recorded and his height was 54.64 cm (21.51 inches).

World’s Smallest Tree

Dwarf Willow is considered as the world’s smallest tree. But some some botanist does not agree the term saying the plant does not match the description of a tree. So it is still debatable. A Dwarf Willow grows up to 1-6 cm in height and well adapted to survive in arctic and sub-arctic environments.

World’s Smallest Book

The world’s smallest book is the “Teeny Ted from Turnip Town” published in 2007 by Robert Chaplin. It was produced in nano imaging library Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. The size of the book is 0.07mm * 0.1mm.

World’s smallest lake

Benxi lake situated in Liaoning Province, China is considered as the smallest lake in the world. The size of the lake is 15m2.

World’s Smallest Town

The smallest town in the world is Lost Springs located in Wyoming, USA. As of the 2010 census only 4 people were present.

World’s Smallest Mammal

The smallest mammal in the world is Etruscan shrew which has a body length of 4cm excluding tail. They are widespread around the globe but despite that they have become endangered in some countries.

World’s Smallest Vehicle

The smallest vehicle in the world is Peel P50. It is a three-wheeled microcar made by Peel Engineering Company.

World’s Smallest Army

The smallest army in the world is Swiss Army in Vatican city known as the smallest country. The army was established in 1506 to protect the pope and the city.

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