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Weekly Trending News

This week marks the 4th week of the year and the end of January. Let’s see what has happened in the world that led internet explode.

Pinterest’s Newest Update

Pinterest has been a huge platform to share new concepts and ideas all over the world. Like many social networks such as facebook, instagram or whatsapp the pinterest did not have stories sharing option. But pinterest has been working on their own about the so called stories which are different than many social media platforms. The stories in piterest allows to save and long lasting which helps users to revisit the stories whenever they wish. Also users get more personalized content from the people they follow.

Biden’s Decisions

EBT or Electronic Benefit Transfer is an electronic system what allows SNAP(Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program) users to pay for food since late 90s. The new policy allows the households that participate in SNAP to have additional benefits if they have children under the age of six. Last year the congress launched a new pandemic EBT and billions of aids were sent to feed the children in low income families.

Meghan Fox Engaged Rumor

Recently paparazzi spotted the Transformer star wearing a huge bling ring on her ring finger which shocked Hollywood and her fans. Is she ENGAGED? Well, in a recent instagram story Meghan Fox shared a close up photo of the ring which was not a diamond of course and two words (F**k You) were written across.


The music festival was postponed for the third time due to the pandemic. The concert planned for April, 2020 was initially postponed to October and to the April 2021.

Pregnancy Announcement

Halsey announced her pregnancy earlier this week via an instagram and she also revealed her pregnant belly while tagging the father of her child screenwriter Alev Aydin. The 26 years old singer struggled with endometriosis and she revealed that she had a miscarriage in the past.

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