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Geminids Meteor Shower

Geminids meteor Shower

Photo by Alex Andrews from Pexels

Geminids is a meteor shower caused by an asteroid called 3200 Phaethon. This meteor shower is named Geminids because meteors appear from the radiant in the constellation Gemini. This meteor shower could be seen in every December and peaks about 14th. It was first observed in 1862 and through out the years the shower is thought to be intensifying. In the recent years 120-160 meteors per hour could be seen under optimal conditions.

Though the meteor appear from the radiant near Gemini they can be spotted anywhere in the sky. In the northern hemisphere the radiant rises about sunset and in the southern hemisphere the radiant appears around midnight. Therefore the observers in the northern hemisphere can see more meteors.

The meteors travels in a medium speed in relation to other meteor showers making them easy to spot. The speed is about 35 km/s (22 miles per second).

If you could not see any meteors or if you could not see the shower it self, do not be discouraged. The meteor shower is an annual event. So you can spot meteors in the next December. But be careful as it will get cold out side at night. So remember to bring a sleeping bag or an extra blanket to keep you warm. And find a place with no lights on. A playground would be good but if you’re in the city you will not be able to see any due to city lights. Have a friend to keep you company because with a friend you will be able to spot many meteors than when you’re alone. Lie on the ground and wait for about an hour as it will take minimum 20 minutes to adjust your eyes to the dark. Because trust me it is a most beautiful and magical experience that you should have.

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