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2020 October

I hope that you have read my previous posts about the series of events happened in the world. Let’s see what has happened in October.

The confirmed cases of COVID 19 Changed from 35 million to 40 million and at the end of the month 45 million worldwide.

OSIRIS-Rex, a NASA spacecraft touched an asteroid called Bennu and became the company’s first ever probe to retrieve samples from an asteroid.

NASA confirmed the existence of molecular water on the moon.

A magnitude of 7.0 earthquake hit Turkey and Greece killing about 81 people and injuring nearly 1000.

Typhoon Goni in Philippines became the strongest landfalling tropical cyclone in history. The estimated damage was about 368 million US Dollars. Thousands of people were displaced and due to the severe damage the name will not be used again.

After 11 years of demining process Falkland islands were declared as free of land mines.

IOM or the International Organization for Migration confirmed the death of 140 migrants who drowned off the coast of the Senegal.

Massive protests in Kyrgyzstan made the president to resign and the opposition leader took over as the new acting president and the prime minister of Kyrgyzstan.

Armenia and Azerbaijan agreed to ceasefire in the ongoing Nagorno-Karabakh war.

Israel and Sudan agreed to normalize relations marking the fifth Israel-Arab peace deal.

Thank you for reading….. ❤

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