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2020 September

The September is a varied month despite the COVID 19 attack. Let’s see the list of events happened in September.

The skeletons of 200 mammoths were found at a construction site in Santa Lucia airport in Mexico.

The royal astronomical society announced the detection of Phosphine in Venus.


Perfectly preserved remains of a cave bear believed to be 22000 – 39500 years old was found in Lykhovsky Islands, Siberia.

A 1634 edition of “Two Noble Kinsmen” was found Royal Scots College, Spain. It was the last play by William Shakespeare and the found copy is believed to be the oldest copy of his works in the country.

Microsoft agreed to buy the ZeniMax Media including the Benthesda Softwork for 7.5 billion US Dollars. It is the biggest and the most expensive takeover in the video game history.

COVID 19 death toll passed 1 million worldwide at the end of the month and the total confirmed cases exceeded 30 million worldwide.

The Longest tunnel in south America “The La Linea highway tunnel” is opened in Columbia after 14 years of construction. The tunnel is 8.65 km long.

Typhoon Haishen made land fall in Japan and South Korea and later in North Korea as well.

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