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2020 June

Hope you have read the previous posts about the events happened in the world. If you haven’t please check them too. Now let’s get into the June…


By the 7th of June the worldwide death toll exceeded 400,000 and 500,000 by the 28th.

By the 8th the confirmed cases passes 7 million worldwide and it reached 8 million by the 16th, 9 million by the 22nd, 10 million by the 28th. Meanwhile US reported 2.5 million cases of COVID 19.

COVID 19 was not the only reported pandemic in this month. UNICEF reported 5 deaths due to Ebola outbreak in in Congo.

A 5 billion lawsuit was filed against Alphabet Inc. and Google alleging the company had violated the privacy rights of the users by tracking them in incognito mode in the browser Chrome.

SpaceX successfully deployed 60 starlink satellites into the low earth orbit and now the total of these satellites is 482.

Russian president Vladimir Putin declared a state of emergency after 20,000 tons of oil was leaked into the river Ambarnaya.

Nisarga cyclone hits India.

North Korea demolished the Inter Korean Liaison Office in Kaesong, North Korea which was established in 2018.

On June 21st annual solar eclipse occurred.

Earthquake occurred in Oaxaca, Mexico and four people were killed.

Thank you for reading…. ❤

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