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2020 April

I hope you have read the previous blogs about the events happened in the January, February and March. Let’s look at the April….

The biggest incident in April is COVID 19. The number of confirmed cases of the virus passed 1 million by the 2nd of April and for the first time asymptomatic cases were reported from China. By the 19th of April the number of cases passed 2 million worldwide. By the 27th confirmed cases of COVID 19 around the world passes 3 million and in US 1 million.

Due to the pandemic the UNHRC(United Nations Human Rights Council) asked to release the political prisoners around the world. Many countries around the world had pardoned prisoners.

China death toll rises upto 4632 and European death toll surpasses 100,000.

Bronx zoo, NYC reported the first case of zoo animal having the COVID 19.

Photo by Richard Verbeek from Pexels

Japan announced a state of emergency and China ended the lockdown situation in Wuhan.

ESA/JAXA space probe BepiColombo made its final gravity assist around the earth and began to depart for venus. Iran’s first Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps deploys the country’s first military satellite called Ghased. Nasa selected Spacex, Blue Origin, Dynetics to build the next generation lunar lander to carry astronauts to the moon by 2024.

Pentagon released three videos of unidentified areal phenomena encountered by US navy pilots which were leaked by Luiz Elizondo in 2017.

Photo by Nick Bondarev from Pexels

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