2020 January

We all can agree that this year has been the worst in the recent history. And here is a list of events happened in January.

1.Hong Kong Protests

Photo by Brayden Law from Pexels

2.Bush fire in Australia

3.Second Libyan Civil War

4.Persian Gulf Crisis

5.Discovery of TOI 1338-b

6.Assault on Nigerian military base

7.Sultan of Oman dies at the age of 79

8.Taal volcano in Luzon, Philippines erupts

9.Impeachment Trial of the USA president Donald Trump Began

10.Yemeni Civil War

11.The WHO Declared the outbreak of a virus as public health emergency of international concern

12.The United Kingdom and Gibraltar began an 11 month transition period

I will be posting the detailed article on each incident in future. Until then comment below if I have missed any major event in January 2020.

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